Mecsek Enduro


In enduro the riders must have reach the top of the mountain on their own.

The total time of the race is given by the measured downhill sections.

I. day Track check

It might tell a lot about the popularity of enduro racing in Hungary that I lived two years in the area without being aware of the existence of these tracks.

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Wiener Wald

The area around my current residence is similar to the previous one. It is located in the front of a mountain (Anninger), very beautiful and expensive. These are the similarities between Mödling and Pécs. Mödling’s geographical position is much better (I can reach Vienna in 15 mins by train, motorways and developed infrastructure are everywhere).

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Biking is a pretty divided hobby. It has a lot of categories. In this Post I want to speak about the XCO/Maraton, and trail bikes.

Comparison table:

Nr Parameter Dimension XCO Trail
1 Travel front mm 0-100 120-160
2 Travel heck mm 0-100 120-160
3 Handlebar width mm 720+ 780+
4 Rim width mm 20-22 25-35
5 Tiresize inch 2-2,4 2,3-2,6
6 Diameter of disk brakes mm 160-180 180-200
7 Number of pistons pc 2 4
8 Teeth of chainring pc 28-30 30-36
9 Seatpost fix dropper

This table shows us that the trail bikes are overdimensioned and more massive.

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