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Varbói-tó, 12.06.2022 Sunday


I was able to find a really cosy hotel, even tough I didn’t unterstand what was on the menu. On the other hand, the breakfast was very good. I was all alone, I could eat everything I wanted. I even got a latte coffee and eggs. Such a wonderful way to start a day.


The equipment remained the same.


I want to get used to consecutive trainings and simply enjoy the race.

Race Report:

The course was today really different compared to yesterday’s track. It was much wilder, it went between fields and pastures. Of course there were spicy uphill sections. My trial began at the Calvary Hill. The first section was unrideable because of steepness. One tape was misplaced and I chose the wrong way down the hill. I didn’t need this extra effort in the heat. After this incident I really enjoyed the high speed descents. Line choice and speed regulation were really important. If you make a mistake or go off line, you could easily harm yourself and your bike. I catched an invisible pit with my rear wheel. My legs did their job, but my saddle kicked me in the butt. The angle of the saddle was not ideal anymore. I didn’t want to stop before the finish line, so I had a couple of uncomfortable kilometers in the end of the race. The temperatur was really high (above 30 °C or 86 °F), therefore I had to stop to get some water. There were one interesting water supplier point. There were no people, only a big canister full of water. Self-service worked well for me. If you like riding on sunny tracks and in open areas, you have found your race!


There were a couple of puddles, so the mudtire at front was not entirely useless. It is only 2″, I had slightly discomfort and sore hands on the end of the race. There were a similar race in Tekenye (Zala). The view is really nice, you can see small mountains everywhere. This race has everything to became a more popular event in the area.


If I know it right, there were a couple of other mtb events in the area. I think this is good, when we have “newcomers”, but less and more popular events would make more sense in my opinion. The race could have been better without getting lost. Sadly the organizers shared the route too late and I was not able to connect my Garmin to a computer. This should be insantly available at or after the application or registration.


This is a super race for marathon novices. But be aware that the longer distance can be really challenging in the heat. If you aren’t feeling strong or/and you have less experience, I think the shorter distance is a better choice.


Coming soon.


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