Unfortunately the hardest MTB marathon of Hungary (Mátra Maraton) will not be in the race calender anymore. The Hungary’s Most Difficult Marathon Title goes to the Bükk Maraton. I like challenges so – of course – I had to be there and I picked the longest course (77 km, 2000 m). I held a last before-the-race-training at weekend and it wasn’t really flawless. I felt myself weak and tired on the climbs. My body got better in the second half. In the end, I could even feel some power in the legs. I tried to rest as much as I could before the race.

Place and date:


07.08.2022 Sunday



I took a saddle bag with me with the most necessary items: one spare tube, puncture repairment-kit, rear derailleur hanger, chainlinks, spd-cleat, and some bolts. I even had a couple of spare braking pads with me. The sealing of the brakes are crap and they has to be replaced. I was afraid, if I change the brake pads, air might can go into the brakefluid and I will be busted.


Own, but a little bit uncomfortable pace. I want to avoid any accident.

Bükk Maraton 0. Day:

Finally my new fully bike was ready to roll. I didn’t really had many opportunities to ride the new bike. I had to train for the marathons. I decided to take two bikes with me. I droped the beast in and I went to Lillafüred. Cyclist can also use the chairlift. And multiple lines are available for enduro and downhill riders. It is similar experience like aqua worlds in the childhood. You slide now and you can’t wait to do that again. It’s never get boring. The lift does the hard work, you can chill out. On the top of the hill you take off your bike, choose a line and let the gravity do its work.

Of course this isn’t as easy as it looks like. You need really good balance and good bike handling skills. The big bike helps a lot. I was surprised how easily the suspension sucked up the big holes.

After closing time I picked a route through the mountain. The pavement was incredibly bad, but the scenery was delightful. I inveted myself for a tasty mushroom soup and I get some puff pastry filled with cherry and poppy seeds. And I drank one beer, because I have earned it. I didn’t want to set up the tent. I made some place besides the donkeys and I slept in the car.

Raceday Report:

A storm passed during the night. It bought wind and rain. When I woke up in the morning the air was unusually cold and drafty. I forget to close the first two windows. My mattress lose some air in the night and my right shoulder got sore. I packed my sleeping gear, went to get my starter package and I prepared my bike. We got a red full cap which I do like a lot. I also received a backpack with water storage. It will suit to my fully well, because it doesn’t have bottle holder.

The race started at 10 am, so pretty late. After the start we immediately had a climb. It was perfect for warmup. Most of the time I was racing in my own pace. I was surprised that I could hold that pace for the entire race. This isn’t an easy thing to do for a longer period of time.

The course war dreamful. Finally we got pedallable gravel up-and downhill sections. A few people have got some technical issues. One guy folded his wheel, some people got flat tires. Sometimes I feel myself a bit frustrated, because I can’t really help them. And I saw a guy on the top, who tried to blow up the spare tube with his mouth. It was surreal. How much pressure can the human lungs produce? The answer is: 9.8 kPa = 1.4 psi = 0,1 bar. A tubeless wheel has 1,5 bar overpressure. Brass players have advantage!

In the first round I could overtake a lot of riders. I could really understand it, but the bike was flying under me. The first ascent of the secound round was brutal. It was a torture against my body and soul. It was a long and moderately steep ascent with millions of rocks and stones. I tried to get as much rest in the downhills as I could. A hardtail bike can reach its limits sooner, and 26er chainring wasn’t made for descents. I couldn’t follow Flash.

I applied my camel tactic in the refreshing points. I always filled my bottles up, because the weather was warm. Sometimes I had take of my helmet for cooling reasons. I almost caught a guy on the last uphill, but he ignited his missiles and I couldn’t follow him in the descent.

After I reached the finish line the assistants take down the finish area. I think 5 hours was a good results for me. The start of the longer distance could be at 8 am. Or maybe he could put this event on Saturday. It’s not fun, if you have to drive 5-6 hours after a demanding race. Not everyone has Holiday or a private driver.





Hála az időben érkező lehűlésnek, a szép tájnak és a remek nyomvonalnak, nagyon szuper rendezvény volt. Most is a drágább nevezés mellett tettem le a voksom. Végre nem bringás sapkát adtak, amik kb. fél-egy év alatt tönkremennek nálam. Ez a full cap számomra új stílus, de sokallta időtállóbbnak tűnik. Az ivóhátizsák csak hab volt a torta tetején!


Kezdők-haladók számára egyaránt ajánlott rendezvény. Annyiféle táv van, hogy mindenki megtalálja a magának megfelelőt.




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