Friday: Traveling by car with Vienna and Szekesfehervar.



Since I regularly take part in cycling competitions, I have never had the first race on the year on such an lately date. The racing season begins in the end of April. Honestly I did not want to accomplish any race this day. My friend told me, that a race will be organised at this weekend. Because I really missed bike races, I wanted to challange myself. I made other programs for the weekend and tada, the vacation was organised. My programs were:

Friday: Traveling by car with Vienna and Szekesfehervar. On the motorway (on the hungarian and also on the austrian side – I met with trucks. They both had a flat tire. The first was was quite scary, because the tire was on the road. I managed to dodge it. It is not funny to see if you are going over 100 kph, when you something black on the road. After a while I see a man on the side of the road. He was changing his wheel on the innerside of the road. I would not do this for 1 million dollar. I only have one life.

After I left the motor way the road was pretty boring. It was too narrow for overtaking a truck. Fortunately the quality was pretty awesome. Kisber was a referishing town. My bruder and other collagues made a couple of scale-modell of the most famous hungarian buildings. I was over the visiting time. It could have been a nice program.

I found the accomodation in Szekesfehervar quick. I really like to spend a couple of days with my friends together. It has a better atmosphere, than a cosy hotel room. I didn’t meet them for two years. Time is flying by. I might be a good carrier planner, but a bad friend.. 

We found an empty watermelon at night shopping. In thex next morning the watermelon was half full with rain water. We can say that in the night before the race, a half watermelon rain has been fallen down.

My friend does not take apart on the race. He did not want to get full of mad and amortize the technics. I was pretty relaxed at the weekend therefore I went to the place. The bike knows the mud. I had a couple of disaster bike races last year (Balaton/Salzkammergut C) Yes, I know. There are better lubricants on the market than muddy oil. I did not have any technical issues during the race. The noise of the chain was pretty bad sometimes. And one time I had a really hard landing.

Anoher H

About the race:

The race was organised beside of a football field. I was running late like usually (that is the signature of Peter). I made the registration after the closing. The people rated the course 8 of 10, where 1 is perfect, 10 is absolutely nightmare. If they would have say 9, I would have choose on 1 lap. 🙂 I chose 2 laps, because

the price-value ratio was better

due to the bad weather conditions, only the crazier rider were there. That means I had a good chance winning a medal.

3 laps were nevere a question. I am not out of mind (so).

The temperature was quite low and humid. I had a similar year in 2018 ( Zengo Hose in Mecsek, Hungary). It was a circuit race too. The first lap was so bad. I could not wear glasses due to the high humidity, the surface of the course was wet and slippery. The temperature was higher, therefore the course changed from slippery course to solid course.

Description of the course::

You can get a taste here: Video

There were a couple of unavoidable puddles on the first part of the course. My tactic was the following: I will maintain a lower heart rate around 165 bpm. I did not see the strong guys after the startgate. After a few up and down sections we reached the paved road. It felt a really good between the muddy sections. It led us in the middle of the mountain. We made a 90 degree turn and got off our bikes because the steeper sections were not rideable. You could find your pace even on uphills, but you can not always find the right force/gear. If you pedal too hard, the rear wheel will loose traction. If you pedal too weakly you will not go up. After the refreshing station the mtb sections began. I had a couple of scary moments in the downhills. A few doa went through the road before me, I lost my front wheel, I want off track. There was a high speed section too with an unseeable gap in the crossing. As I saw this, I prepareted myself for crashing. It was a way too hard impact for a XC bike. Somehow I managed to stay on the bike. The fork, the whells and my limbs took up the forces.

In the second lap I changed the cam-position from helmet to chest mount. I did not make a lot of footages, because my akkumulator was already dying. The forest was pretty quiet in the second lap. If I remember right I only met with two wanderers. I passed a young guy (about 9 yo) on the end of the course. He had a whole cheerleader company (not literally) for cheering. I think he had some fight with the elements today. Congratulation for him! I like these races. Everyone is a winner after he/she passes the finish line.

I washed the bike two times after the race. The lunch was pasta with sour cream and cheese. And with salt, because I lost a lot of salt during the race. The dessert was a bronz medallion. And the icing on the cake was the warm shower in the changing room. I do not really recommand to go alone to the bike races. You should do every work alone. Do it yourself sir, if you have not servant. Thus I had one hour afterwork cleaning my dirty clothes and equipments. In the evening/at night I went for a few beers with my friends. Beer is not so efficient in regeneration as protein shake. We slept 4 hours this night.

I would recommand the race for everyone. I have a lot of footages. I might do a video presentation of the course too. I think this race has been moved from the lake to this part of the mountain. It might be helpful for other people, if they want to challenge themselves.

Effects:: Small scratches on the legs/arms, muscle pain/ left knie pain (crash). Thigh and bum sensitivity after cycling approx. 4 hours in wet shorts. Secondary effects are: eufory for moments, higher water consumption (for cleaning), cabel change after race, and I destroyed my rear wheel a little bit. 


First lap:

Second lap:


That was my first mission with my new gps computer. I used pulsmeter for years, but my last clock only showed the puls in the exact moments (and the average of course). Now I can see the data on a diagram.

Sunday: The sunday program was chillout. Lunch, Coffee, everything. In the afternoon I drived to Papa town. I speak with my collague and asked if it is possible to fly somewhere with his machine. I went in a storm on the edge of two counties. The rain was pouring down so fast I could barely see out of the window. My first goal was Veszprem. I really like my former university town. I spent here 3 years. I have good and bad memories. I always try to see the bright and optimistic side of life. Who knows, maybe after 2008 I might see the Zoo in Veszprem again.


I left the 8-road with a right turn. The small airport were next to Papa. I really wanted to do something crazy like parachuting, flying. I tried a girocopter this time. This looks like a small helicopter for two persons. The guy owns this girocopter. I think do not everyone has an own plane. It was awesome! On bigger planes the takeoff is always scary and powerful. I am kind of stacked to the ground-type man. This girocopter is special because it is not fully closed. You can look around, move yourself a bit around. You can feel the cold air. We reached 1000 m above sea level. The copter can fly over 100 kph. Our main goal was the Koris (highest point of Bakony) and the Castle of Csesznek.


You can see things different from above. The field are looking strange, the cars seem to be small figures. The roads are curving in the green like snakes. You can see how a train disappear in the middle of the mountain through a tunnel.


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