Hello World!

This is my first post on my new homepage. It the past couple of years I had multiple blogs. I think they were more or less successful. This year I would like to start blogging again.



My history in the world of blogging is the following. Firstly I want to show you the blog of my Erasmus study in Austria. It is written in Hungarian language.

Erasmus in Austria 2017

After I successfully graduated I moved to Pécs (South Hungary). I got a really promising job in this town. Therefore I created the following blog:

Life in Pécs

This blog was Hungarian too. I can only hope that my pictures make these blogs interesting for foreigners. These blogs were pretty simple. They were perfect for personal blogs. The picture uploading was easy, the storage place was also cheap, link-sharing is worked. They had every common things .

This year I want to try something bigger. Beside the blog posts I wanted to create a webpage, which has its own legs, brings the social media and the written/ image contents together. After 3 years of hard work I was able to get an austrian job and I moved to Austria again. This is my favorite country. I tend to name it Disneyland because of the wonderful mountain areas. Every day hides something new and I am here to take pictures of it and  to swim in new adventures.

I would like to build up the website in multiple steps. At first I have to figure out how exactly WordPress works. And I need a few equipments to make more interesting posts.  If I look rationally It will get its final form in the autumn of 2020. After that I only have to keep it updated.

Have fun!


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