I accidentally found this topic, while I was surfing on the internet. I merged myself into this theme, because there are couple of “interestring” and non common phobias. In the list you can only find exotic, delicacy-like phobias.

Fear of bathing? Of roosters? Of stuffed animals? Or fear of oranges? More likely everyone has some kind of phobia. Only the person knows nothing about it, or he has never heard about it.



1.                ablutophobia  Fear of bathing, washing or cleaning
2.                avidsophobia  Fear of becoming a bird
3.                autokinetophobia  Fear of cars, motorcycles etc.
4.                agirophobia    Fear of streets, crossing the streets
5.                alektrophobia  Fear of cocks (roosters)
6.                alliumophobia  Fear of garlic
7.                albuminurophobia  Fear of kidney diseases
8.                amatophobia  Fear of dust
9.                anglophobia  Fear of any English
10.             androticolobomassophobia  Fear of male ears
11.             anemophobia  Fear of wind
12.             animatophobia  Fear of comicfigures
13.             anthophobia  Fear of flowers
14.             apokalypsephobia  Fear of the End oft the World
15.             arachnophobia  Fear of spiders
16.             argentophobia  Fear of silver
17.             arkanophobia  Fear of magic
18.             arktophobia  Fear of stuffed animals
19.             asymmetriophobia  Fear of asymmetry
20.             atomophobia  Fear of nuclear energy and nuclear war
21.             aulophobia  Fear of wind instruments
22.             aurophobia  Fear of gold
23.             autoassassinophobia  Fear of suicide
24.             aurangephobia  Fear of orange
25.             acidusrigarephobia  Fear of acidic rain
26.             brontophobia  Fear of thunder
27.             hexacosiohexecontaghexaphobia  Fear of Number 666
28.             gephrophobia  Fear of bridges
29.             neophobia    Fear of something new, fear of changes
30.             ripophobia  Fear of mud
31.             soziophobia  Fear of society, contacts
32.             pharmakophobia  Fear of tretment, taking medication
33.             philophobia    Fear of falling in love with someone
34.             phobophobia  Fear of phobias
35.             hämophobia  Fear of chemistry
36.             esoptrophobia    Fear of self reflection in the mirror
37.             erythrophobia  Fear of redness on face



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