I have never been a big chess player. I learned chess as a child, but my family was not a big fan of chess. If someone is a good at math, he supposed to be a better chess player as well.

I found this channel in my youtube recommendations: [LINK]. In recent time I found a lot of interesting stuff this way. For exemplar YT invaded me with snooker videos. I have never played snooker, I did not even know its rules. But it was pleasant to see how well top players can play. One of the best players named Ronnie O´Sullivan.

Possible moves in a 5D situtiation. Abundance problem.


The white rook gives chess (and matt) for the black king in the past.

In chess on of the best players is Magnus Carlsen. The mentioned YT channel has some special in its pocket. The croatian guy can show/analyse the boring, even days-long matches so well that everybody can understand what is happing on the board.

This was the indirect way, which led me to the 5D chess game. I could have play regular chess too, but if you want to be good, you need to gather a lot of knowledge. The more situations you know the better player you are. For this you need to invest a lot of time, energy and resilience. The 5D chess looked a bit more sympathic and fun more me to try it out.

5D chess basics:

The game begins with a regular chess board. The same rules are valid, but time traveling gives chess a big squezze. The game is made up from turns. This means two chess boards. One of them shows the white´s move, the other shows the black´s move. The player can play in the present, moreover then can send a piece back in time. After that a parallel universe has been made. As the time flows, more and more simultan boards will be evolved.



The goal of the game is simple. You have to give matt to the opposite color’s king. It’s easier said than done. This is a difficoult task even in 2D Chess. Because you can not change the past, it is a good strategy to give check to the king in the past. If you have to deal with multiple kings at once, you need to give only one of them matt.

5D chess figures and their legal moves:


-moves one forward, or
-moves two forward in startposition
-capture diagonally,
-5D pawn moves one forward and one in space,

-5D pawn captures in space.




-moves two in one direction and two in the other direction (jumps in L-shape)
-5D knight moves one in one dimension and two in space, or

-moves two in one dimension and one in space.




-can move undefined in one dimension,

-5D rook is similar, but it can move in space too.

5D chess figures and their legal moves:


-moves diagonally undefined.

-5D bishop as well, but it moves in space as well.




-moves like a Bishop and Rook in one person




-Moves like a Queen, but only one field, and only between parallel boards.

As you can see there are a lot of legal moves even with a handful of figures on the board. You can barely see even the present. Then try to calculate the enemy’s future moves. Practice makes the 5D chess master.

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