At the beginning of my carreer I was a pretty active gamer. As a child/teenager the computer can capture the attention very well. This has both advantages and disadvantages. No doubt that gaming can improve your languages skill. The mother tonque of computer is English.

Over the years I slowly soaked up the English words like a sponge. I held my first English grammar book in my hands, when I was preparing for the language exam. It is pretty hard to speak a language, if you don´t know the basic grammar. Thankfully English is a forgiving language. Pick some words, then put them in a sentence and voila most of the time your sentence will have a meaning. This simplicity does not exist in Hungarian or German. I had my first English teacher at the university when I was 24 years old.

This was the first time when I realised: it is does not matter how well you know a language, improvements can be always made. Ordinary speech is understandable. But the literary English is as abstract as any other language. Moreover English has changed a lot over the centuries. Nowadays people can not really understand Shakespeare. One of the first found documents in Hungarian language is the Death Speech from the 12th century. It is kind of scary that hungarian people can understand a text which was written 800 years ago.

I have never really had a goal with English. As a child I fell into it and I earned the basics with ease. But it take some time and efforts to build up my knowledge to the communication level.

Az angol nyelvvel sosem volt igazán célom. Gyermekként belecsöppentem és az alapok kvázi rám ragadtak. Utána viszont a kommunikációs szintig nem volt egyszerű eljutni.

I don´t lie I was pretty addicted to PC when I was a child/teenager. That is the danger if someone gets overwhelmed by the gaming experience. Games basically require quick thinking and reflexes. That is when I learned how to type fast. In Call of Duty you could chat in the game, but if you were not quick enough you ended up dead. FPS games are very dynamic. When I was around 17 years old, I felt that FPS games are too intensive. No wonder that professional players retire at the beginning of their twenties. I was more interested in strategic, TPS/TPA and car driving games. Thus besides sport/university/work you don´t have much time. You can´t sit while day at home playing videogames.

Tinikoromban eléggé függő voltam. Ezzel jár, ha valakinek a figyelmét túlontúl leköti a játék. A játékok alapvetően gyors gondolkodást és reflexeket igényelnek. Akkoriban tanultam meg a vakírást. Nem leckékből, hanem tapasztalati úton. Call of Dutyban játék közben lehetett chatelni, és ha nem voltál elég gyors, akkor lelőttek és várhattál a következő körre. Az FPS játékok nagyon dinamukusak és gyors reakciót igényelnek. 17-18 éves koromban éreztem azt, hogy kezdek belőlük kiöregedni. Nem csoda, hogy profi esport játékosok huszonéves koruk elején vonulnak nyugdíjba. Ekkor a stratégiai, illetve hátulnézetes, autós játékok már jobban lekötöttek. Plusz sport, egyetem vagy munka mellett azért nem úgy megy, hogy reggel leülök aztán éjszaka felkelek.

The graphical improvements /PC -requirements of the the games has to be mentioned. I remember how good it was, when I got my first (normal) internet connection in 2003. Call of Duty 2 was an awesome game. At the time I was playing in 640×480 resolution. There were such trends like 120 FPS in the game. I was happy when the gameplay was continuous. I was amazed when I checked the game again with a new PC. Glitter effects and shadows were everywhere.

I even play the 2007 Crysis at the absolute minimum. I did not care about the graphics, I was interedted in the game (not like many). Later on the game has even a joyful multiplayer mode.

Not only the system requirements (like CPU, VGA, RAM) has increased, but also the space demand. This article was actually inspired by this fact.


In old times you could not download games from internet. You could be games written on a CD. After a while a single CD was not enough. If I remember correctly, I had a game on 5 different CD´s. The next step was PC-DVD. In the last years the games have got so big that disks are not option anymore. If you buy some game in the store, you will usually find a download code. I analysed my game library a little bit, because I was lack of storage place. You barely can find a game under 20 Gb anymore. GTA4, Vampyr both 20 Gb, Life is Strange 2 40 Gb. I recently bought a rally game which requires 100 Gb free space. Madness!

The developers/publishers could use slowly an SSD for their games. Larger textures, more spectators alongside the track, open world entertainment need more space on you drive. The simple indie titles grew big as well. They reach the space requirement of older AAA games.

I am curious about what kind of future will the PC gaming await. In recent years the trend of quicker, bigger trends went into the backgrounds. Manufacturers concentrated on energy saving solutions, and innovation. Perhaps VR-gaming will have a bright future like the electric bike industry.




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