In one’s youth, (morelikely) the only unavoidable doctor is the dentist.

Dentist are kind of a stepchild among people. Some doctors don’t recognise dentists as a “fully” doctor and people are always in fear when they visit a dentist. From time to time it’s necessary to go back for control. If you are lucky enough, you only have to “endure” a painless ultrasonic plaque removal. If you aren’t fit in this group, you face with a smaller or bigger intervention, which can be a permanent tooth extraction.


I assume there is a genetic predisposition about how much a tooth attracts caries.

I am not a lucky person in this case. In my childhood I neglected caring about my teeth, I loved cakes and drank a lot of drinks with high sugar content. The consequences were overweight and caries. My misplaced teeth even made the job of bacteria easier. I have never had teeth correction. The marketing value of shining teeth in commercials is great, but I would be happy with my yellow, but healthy teeth and visit the dentist less frequently.


Over the years, I have tried all sorts of products related to tooth caring: different toothpastes, polishing pastes after brushing, mouthwash, electric brush, floss, diet etc. The results are always the same: me knocking on the dentist door. Dentist should give guarantee after a tooth for x years.

During my life in Pécs, I decided to repair my teeth again. I missed a couple of years between controls.  I gave a lot of work to dentists again. In two cases I was almost too late. The holes were pretty big. And root canal traitment must be avoided! On the top of my pain scale is the root canal traitment. The feeling when the dentist removes the nerve of the tooth… There is no painkiller, which helps you getting through it.

I found the dentist on Google. I would not recommand this searching method. Personal recommendations are always better. The threatments weren’t so bad, even though she didn’t use any injection.

My problem was that he made the fillings too bulky, the place between the teeth got small and the self-cleaning of teeth was bad. I don’t know if that was direct or routine, but it isn’t the best way to preserve clientele.

The results are: after a couple of months going back to a dentist again. He smoothened her fillings too. Now I use every day dental floss before tooth brushing. I am really curious about how long my teeth will last.


In the postscript I want to mention the ridiculous prices of treatments. A dentist can easily earn 3,3 USD per minute. That is 200 USD per hour. My first earnings as a student was 1,8 USD per hour. As an engineer I was able to double it up. And if the dentist finds out that you are working in a richer country, the prices of treatments will rise 25-30%. I think I will do these treatments in Austria (after the effects of Covid subscedes).


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