“One of the criterions of adulthood is that the words become more meaningful for the person. The more cultivated the person is the better cathes the concept behind those words.”

KatĂł Lomb


Distress is an aversive state in which a person is unable to completely adapt to stressors and their resulting stress and shows maladaptive behaviors.

Stressful life events: Changing living conditions, Changing employment, Moving, Changing habits, New job, Change in working hours or circumstances, Change in financial situation.

According to the above moving, a job, or country change can be alone a rather big challenge. Thus the political and economic consequences of the pandemic, and it becomes clear that those days moving is particularly stressful.


Unfortunately, I did could not alter the circumstances. Poor people cook with what they have. In the fall of 2019, I decided to save up as much money as I can. The task has been succesfully completed. In the winter after a little bit of thinking, I tried my luck and I applied for two different workplaces in Austria. These were only the first steps. But the task has been succesfully completed again. Feedback came quickly from one company and it get the job “easily”  after two personal meetings. Quotion is there, because on that day I drove 700 km, and this is my personal record with a car. I quickly terminated my contract at my workplace. And the crash hit. Border closure, restrictions, economic recession. There was everything I (didn’t) needed. Finding an apartment itself was no longer easy.

Let´s go further. New living area, new coworker, new culture, new habits etc. I am an experienced migrant. Fortunately half of the house can be packed into the car. I know it, because I have already done it a several times. Due the fact that Austrian´s tourism is dead, I was able to get a small airbnb apartment in a small town. The apartment was semi-furnished. I met with a couple of new problems: I need some furniture for my stuff. And I need some tool to assamble the furnitures. Hammers, drills, screwdriver etc. Then the malls has been closed down for weeks. Chairs, tables, cabinets, desks, light bulbs and such things doesn´t grow in the most forests. Anyway these self picked activities/goals and sport give me some challenges to survive those dark times and thankfully I didn´t went crazy.

Wien and its neighbourhood would be certainly a promising place if

  • the nightclubs/discos, and
  • museums would not be closed,
  • you could legally find hiking partners, or
  • other cyclists for training,
  • you could attend events, or
  • go to cinema, or
  • sit in a cafe, restaurant, pub, or
  • take a dance course,
  • maybe a language course,
  • talk with other people,
  • examine people´s face in a store,
  • use public transport without any mask,
  • or just freely travel in the area.

I could count on one hang, how much people I got to know outside my workplace. This ain´t a happy story.

And no one should blame a tiny virus for these restrictions. These have been brought to the people by politics in crisis.

In good times anyone can rule a country. In bad times like this, the real faces of politicians will be showed. And you can deduct, if people in high positions are worthy enough to be there or someone put them in their chair.





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