I was looking around in a local shop, when something catched my eyes. Aside the B category titles, I saw a beautiful diamant shining on me. Surprisingly this movie has a little past relevance.

During my stay in PĂ©cs (2018-2020) I met once with this title. It was a theatre play played my the Deutsch BĂĽhne in German language. I don’t know where/how I found this program. But I knew that I should watch this. The best theatre plays are always comedies and musicals. This belongs in the first group. I was running late like I usually do. Theoretically the ticket should have cost some money, but the casse has been closed. We had full house that night. Fortunately they gathered some extra chairs and I was able to sit down.

The scenary was absolutely minimalistic. There have been a table, a couple of chairs and some cutlery. That was all we have been needed. The unique characters, the word jokes made a pretty good atmosphere.

The story is not complicated. It is about a family diner, which looks like a pleasant event. But after a poorly chosen joke the whole night turns into disease. Stephan and Elisabeth are waiting for the guests. Thomas arrives, he is the man behind the joke. His pregnant girlfriend follows him later, when the diner has already began. We have a third guest Rene, he is a musician, and the Elisabeth’s BFF. They know each other from the childhood. The plot begins with the chosen name of the baby. Thomas tells to the relatives that he and his wife want to call him Adolf/Adolph. They aren’t satisfied with that name, and the emotions are slowly turning up the room temperatur. The joke goes too far, and the members of the conversation just loosing it. Other themes come up, like the cold marriage of Stephen and Elisabeth, Rene’s hidden girlfriend, Thomas selfish self etc.

The play has additional subtitle, but the actors/scenes were so good I did not have to follow it. The movie version is slightly different. The scenery is more detailled, but you can not experencie the real life shoutings. Both are brilliant and must see category. In some cases you can not deceide whether to cry or laugh. This kind of duality is a great weapon in the hands of a comedy.

I would recommand this movie warm, without popcorn in a cold winter evening.

Az előadáson volt magyar felirat, de annyira jók voltak a színészek/jelenetek, hogy nem kellett figyelnem. A filmváltozat annyiban különbözik a színházi darabtól, hogy a háttér jobban meg volt kreálva. Nekem speciel a hangos kiabálás a teremben jobban bejött, mint otthon hangszórókon keresztül. A film és az előadás ellenben ugyanazt adja. A komédia jelleget az is adja, hogy némelyik jelenetnél az ember nem tudja eldönteni, hogy sírjon-e vagy nevessen. Ez a fajta kettőség remek fegyver egy komédia kezében.

A film egy hideg téli estén melegen, popcorn nélkül ajánlott! Thus, I recommend red wine for the sake of solidarity.


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