The online dating platforms gained popularity in tha last couple of years. Basically the idea is delightful. Internet offers a really good communication  channel for people who aren’t have too much time, and live a bit away from bigger cities. You can get friends, relationships regardless age, body type and sex.

Unfortunately the realisation of the idea is not so bright. The operators adjusted the idea on today’s market “needs”. What that means is: behind the lovely emotiocons hides money. In this case stands the satisfaction of the user not on the first place. The most important thing is profit.

Averagely out of 10 person you will like/hat 1, and you will have a neutral relationship. If your significant other do the same thing then 1 partnership out of 100 relationships can be born. Let’s translate this in the language of the internet: you have to write 100 letter to get 1 answer. Namely men will make the first step on the internet. The results are terrible. The mailbox of the woman will be full, while the man receives nothing. No conversation will be formed. 

Women don’t like to pay for dating services. They buy rather parfüm in the local markt. The operators of the dating apps mostly earn money from male subscriptions. And they aren’t afraid of chaiting. They make fake profils to attract male buyers. What that means? For exemplar here are my remarks from the “Vienna-market”.

  • perfect, shining skin
  • artistic composations. I am a hobby photographer for 5 years. Most of the photos should have been posted in magazines, not on a dating golddigger site.
  • good quality pictures followed by pixeled pictures
  • filters
  • bikini photo
  • surfing is common, if there aren’t a surf desk, you can see often a seaside picture
  • wein glass in the hand
  • photo while eating
  • mario kart addicted girls (?)
  • boobies
  • most of the girls do sport (climbing, going to gym, doing yoga etc.) while sporty girls are missing in Hungary.

I am really curious about the austrian dating. I am looking forward to experince the similarities and dissimilarities in the “traditions” between Hungary in Austria. For exemplar in Hungary:

  • the origin of the couple is really important. In the family and financial background shouldn’t be big differences. The bigger the differences are the shoter the relationship will last.
  • partnership building is not important at all, we are in the same shit, and we will hold on to each other-type of love is common
  • rude, disrespectful behavior find women sympathic
  • if you don’t kiss the girl on the first date, you won’t have a second chance


In Austria live and work a lot of foreigner from South and East-Europe. I think the austrian people are more acceptable to foreigners regardless their financial backgrounds or language. The education has a smaller role in partnership building. The monthly payments between the different jobs are not so significant like in Hungary. For exemplar a 9. grade student can earn 770 eur br. in a supar markt. I got the half sum in an engineer-intership as a 23 years old student. The person in Austria didn’t even have a matura, meanwhile I almost finished the BSc. The austrian school system gives more opportunity to the students. There is no pressure for getting a uni degree. You can get a good job as a technician. If you are talented you can earn more money with your hands than with your head in an office job.

I already have some experiences from 2017. The austrian girls/boys are much more conservative in a relationship. Interesting fact, that the number of one person households are getting bigger and bigger. One of the biggest achievements of the 21st centry is that the two sexes has been never so equal. Ironically the distance between them will be bigger and bigger. In the past both sexes had specific rules in family/relationship. Nowadays they can live independently on their own and they don’t need support.

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