“Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated.”

Arnold Palmer


“Golf is a game whose aim is to hit a very small ball into an ever smaller hole, with weapons singularly ill-designed for the purpose”

Winston Churchill



Yet Another Headi

On the last weekend (in October) I successfully completed the golf course and I got the permission to play on courses. I want to tell you a little bit about my experiences.

Golf in Hungary is not a mass sport. After the end of communism in Hungary it did not become popular. The reasons for this might be the lack of courses and people think on Golf as an expensive sport. The first reason is undoubtful. There are about 12 or a little more golf courses in Hungary. You can find a football field in almost every village. A golf course can be 50-100 times bigger than an usual football field. A football field is approx. 1 ha big, while a golf course can be 70 ha. I browsed a little bit on the internet and a lot of people think that golf is really expensive and it is for older people. You can not play/learn golf alone. The fee for a golf course is 250 €. The course is divided to two parts with one month break between them. For the duration of the course is a 7 Pc. golf set provided. For greenfee games you have to use own balls/tees. The greenfree ticket costs about 20 € for 9-hole. Other expenses are: golf clubs, golfcar/roller, drinks in the clubhouse. A 9-hole match costs about 35 €. If you want to play on a 18-hole match, you should give about approx. twice as much (70 €). If you want to play at least 3-4 times a week, you should apply for a membership and pay monthly fee. As a club member you can play free/take apart on turniers. Moreover you can buy reduced greenfee ticket at the partner clubs. As I roughly calculated, if you train yourself 3 times a week (1x range, 1x putting/pitching, 1x on the green), the monthly expense of golf is around 100 €. My problem with the membership is: I have to pay for it off-season (in Winter) too. If you play without any membership, the expense is a little bit lower. If you want to play golf, you would need some basic golf clubs too. It is possible to buy clubs on sale in stores, or in the second hand market. For exemplar I bought a putter for 25 € (80 % off). It is a female putter, but I do not think if it does matter. I will need an iron set and a wedge and I will be good in the green. Of course you can buy a club for 1000 €. With pation you can find cheap one too.

The game will give you sore muscles. The club swing technique is one of the  most complicated movement in any sports. You have to practice it monthlong for becoming better. After a couple of training hours I have got sore muscles in my thigh and in my back. Golf is more than a walk in the afternoon. You do not have puls over 140 bmp like at running/cycling, but you will sleep well in the end of the day.


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