Reflective clothing for cycling:

  • Reflective band for backpack
  • Bag cover
  • Waterproof, reflective cover for helmet
  • Reflective band for ankle
  • Bon – winter cap pulled under the helmet

Temperate climate

With the rotation/orbating of the Earth are the lengths of the days and nights always changing. At some places the sun never goes down, at some places is only one season. The West and Middle-Europe are in the temperate climate. We can be amazed every year how beautyfully the nature changes its color during the seasons. After the solstice will be the day with a cock step longer. In March we have equinox, when the daytime and nightime are equal long. The days will be longer and longer till the solstice in June. After that it hands over the baton to the night slowly. The mornings before the clock adjustment are pretty dark. There is some controversy about the deleting of daylight saving time. The EU wants to delete it, because lot of people suffer problems due to the time difference. Originally the life was based on winter time then energy saving considerations have been introduced the daylight saving time. I am really curious about the decision of the EU-Countries. When they choose the winter time, the sun will rise early in the morning at summer (around 3-4 O´Clock), but the people will go to work in daylight. When they choose summer time, the sun will goes down late at summer (after 20 O´Clock), but the people will go to work/most likely arrive at home in dark.

I think – considering the human life cycle – choosing the summer time would be stupid. And choosing the winter time would be a step back compared to the current system. The current has advantage both in winter and in summer. The sun rises up earlier in Winter and goes down later in Summer.

Cycling in the dark

Cycling in the dark is challenging. An important basic rule: to see and to be seen. I would like to write a couple of lines about the latter. Fortunately nowadays the cycling clothes for colder weather does have some reflection patter and/or bright color. Overshoes, long pants, jackets, gloves are often equipped with reflectionstraps. Thus a few arm/legband and you can feel yourself much more secure on the roads.

I bought a couple of cycling accessories yesterday (see picture). From left to right:

winter cap: thin cap under the helmet. I lost my cap last winter. Since then I have used scarfs on the top of my body. They are really good alternatives, but wearing two scarfs at the same time (on on the top of head, and one around my throat) is not fully comfortable.

reflective roll: I have a small related stroy for this item. Last winter I had a training in Pecs, and in the backway I saw something garish aside the road. I have found a wide reflective roll. This item is valueable: one piece costs about 10 €. At that time I didn´t really have money for it. I used it´s thinner companions. Now I can cycle with double rolls Hurra.

strap for backpack: Now I use my race bike to the office and back and I can´t use my bikepacks. I carry my daily things in a backpack. The backpack has black color and it is not a life insurance. This strap would do a good job making me more visable.

helmetcover: I have never used one. I am really curious about the test. It is waterproof which gives me more comfort in a rain shower. In cold weather usually a cap, scarf, mask was enough. This layer gives me more protection against cold wind. In exchange the breathability would be reduced.

Backpack cover: I wanted to use this on my cummuting backpack, but I didn´t check the size of the cover. Altough it is better that way. The bag cover is perfect for my small hiking backpack.

The price of the new accessories was more than 40 €. They weren´t cheap, but they can surely provide me a longer a lifetime. Image a cyclist in a security west, who wears reflecting rolls on this arms/legs and a helmet cover. He is shining more than a street sign in reflector light.

I will tell you more about the aspects of cycling in wintertime later.


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