Moving away is a pretty stressful activity. But sometimes staying at the same place – being afraid of change – can be stressful too.







































Moving to a new place in Austria I.


I have changed my location a plenty of times in Hungary. I was moved

  • to an another flat in the same town (2013),
  • to a dormitory in an another county (2013-2016)
  • to a couple of worker´s hotel (2018)

In Austria I lived

  • in a dormitory in 2017,
  • in a boarding type house in 2020.

I lived always with some kind of roommate in the same room, or in the same flat, but I had my own room. I really wanted to experience, how it feels being alone in a flat. That is the true single life. In April I found a good starting flat not far away from the office. I only had temporary contract, therefore I could hardly find a place. The accomodation did not look so bad. Unfortunately my experiences were rather bad.

I was able to save some money in the first couple of months and I wanted to invest this money in a new accomodation. In the last 10 years the prices of real estates in Hungary went in the air. After 2016 the cost of accomodation were/are simply too much. After that the price of grocery raised too. My salary was 75k HUF (245 USD) in 2017. My salary was doubled to around 490 USD in 2019. This could have been enough for a small studio, and a small amount of money would have left for food. But go back to the theme.

I searched for almost an entire month for a new flat. It took a lot of energy. In South Vienna is the demand high and the supply is low.  I inspected approximetly 7 different flats, until I found the right one.

I had multiple aspects for the new accomodation:

  1. the flat should have an own storage place in the basement, where I can put my bicycles
  2. the mountains should be close
  3. the office should be max. 10 km away, therefore I can easily go to work by bike
  4. the flat should be renoveted and tastefully
  5. basic furnitures should be there, because I can’t take everything with my car
  6. the town should be frequented, because I don’t want to live like an eremite  in my 20s. 
  7. the rental price should be around 600 €.

My list was pretty selective. The fact that I am looking for a small flat… On the market were mostly flats with 2 or 3 rooms. And the 600 € budget was important too. This is the same level like the prices in Budapest. That was my limit. And this proximity is absolutely a pulling down area. And the people are rich here and they don’t care about the prices so much.

For exemplar I met with a young girl, who was the renter of a flat. That flat was really cool and freshly renovated. But she wanted to sell the furniture for 3000 €. You can buy second hald furnitury and save 1500 €. 

I had an another flat-visit, where I met with the owner. She found a man in an another Bundesland, therefore she moves out of Vienna. It was a really nice accomodation too, but she bought so expensive furnitures that even the second hand prices were for me too high.

I was thinking in a flat in Vienna too, but the nature and the office would have been too far away. And it would have cost at least 100 euro more. The transportsystem of Vienna is first class. And after 2 years it is possible to get a municipial flat. These flats are cheaper.

I had to take some compremisses. At first sight in Winter Mödling was a really symphatic town. It is nice, the location is perfect, citylife does exist. But the prices are pretty high. Rich people, who got bored of the artifical Vienna like and  tend to move here. This raised the monthy rent as well. For exemplar a flat with 2 separate rooms costs about 940 €/month. 

The 7th point in the list will more likely out of reach.  Firstly I wanted to find a better accomodation for less price (560 €). After some research and experience I changed this statement to: I will  pay the same or a little bit higher price, but I really want a normal and good accomodation. And I (and millions of people) had luck, because the taxes have been with 5 % reduced. Yes, in the middle of Corona-Madness. This is around 120 €. So I can invest more money in housing or in anything else. The government gives you the decision.

Unfortunatly I had to pay provison for new accomodation. Being a real estate agent must be a good job. A few contracts, personal meeting, and 1000 € for the agent. What really interesting in this story is that this guy was the son of the owner/landlord. That is why it is being said: Austria and Hungary are brothers  in law.

The rental fee is 562 € excluding the internet/TV, home insurance, and electricity fee. The sum could be aroung 630 €. I can’t really spare money on heating, because it is flat rated and there are no individual meters. If the house payed more, the renterer get the rest back proportionately for the rented m2.

To be continued.


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