Since the apartment was not fully furnished, I had the opportunity to immerse myself in the world of interior design.

The apartment was really nicely renovated. White is the dominant color. I really like it. It is a pleasant color, it gives lightness into the apartment, it has a tranquilizing effect and makes the rooms more spacious. I tried to pick white furnitures to achieve an uniform design.

In the second chapter of our story the location is the same, but our protagonist will be a table. This table knew something that most table can´t do. It van be smaller. Not like the clothes in boiling water. Like in the case oft he closet, this was also love at first sight.

When I visited the apartment fort he first time, I immedately noticed the huge table in the room. It can serve airbnb people well, but for longtime living the table was too big. I asked the main tenant to take it away.

You don’t buy a table for a couple of months. I wanted to buy something that will be loyal for many years and is it versatile enough. This furniture meets all the criteria. If the side panels are folded down, it is approx. 30 cm wide.

This comes in handy for training, because the fitball doesn’t get stuck in anything. I can fold out the plate for eating purposes. And if 3-4 guests come, the other wing is also available. Since the table can be folded down, I always have to keep it clean (motivation or compulsion for me). In addition, it has multiple drawers for storage.

I already felt in the store that the assembling will be much harder. It is pretty heavy compared to other tables. After unfolding I held a little tactical discussion. The parts were everywhile, so I made different item groups. It is always scary to see that the companies give you the exact number of parts. What if something break or they give you less material?

The manual is easy to understand. The operation was simple. The assembly of the drawers was pretty time consuming. I thought that I will do this for the eternity.

The whole press from conception to implementation required a lot of time and enery. Designing, driving to the store, buying it, driving to home, unpacking it, assembling it, taking care of the packaging materal, cleaning everything up. And this was only a simple a cabinet. But after seeing the end result, I think every minute has worthed it. And I have a table for the dinner!


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