Since the apartment was not fully furnished, I had the opportunity to immerse myself in the world of interior design.

The apartment was really nicely renovated. White is the dominant color. I really like it. It is a pleasant color, it gives lightness into the apartment, it has a tranquilizing effect and makes the rooms more spacious. I tried to pick white furnitures to achieve an uniform design.

Browsing in ikea’s sentiments, I found a really practical landry closet. I think there aren’t better ideas on the whole market for collecting landry. It has two levels for the landry so I can store white and colorful laundry above each other. After 8 years I finally have a specified space for collecting laundry.

Before that I didn’t have much information about the store. All I knew about ut was that they cook well and you can buy good quality stuff for relatively cheap price.

The furnitures of the stores aren’t really cheap, but they are so cleverly designed that it is worth the price. You can find everything there: cabinets, shelves, beds, tables, they can be combined perfectly and many accessories are available.

So my first newly bought furniture was a bathroom furniture. I didn’t have much experience in assembling furnitures. I only put together computer chairs, and a computer table (without any nails). I have never had money for assembling tools and furnitures.

The assembly of the furniture was easy thanks to the manual. It looked like a big puzzle made for adult people. Without a drill you might face troubles. You can mess around a simple screwdriver, but without electric drill you won’t be able to install the legs of the closet. I think the hardest part was assembling the legs. Many bolts/screws have to be screwed in. It won’t fall apart for sure.

I could’t adjust the door perfectly. Assemblings things alone, without helping hands, can be difficult.

The whole press from conception to implementation required a lot of time and enery. Designing, driving to the store, buying it, driving to home, unpacking it, assembling it, taking care of the packaging materal, cleaning everything up. And this was only a simple a cabinet. But after seeing the end result, I think every minute has worthed it. With this furniture my bathroom was finally done.


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