Unpredictable weather

I don’t know which  year had such an awful summer last time. In the last 5 years weren’t the sommers so bad and wet. The rain is always waiting for the weekends. I like to do sports in the nature, more or less in better weather conditions.

The definition of good weather is pretty relative. For exemplar: today the weather in the morning was absolutely not good. Pouring rain, blowing wind, cold front etc. I have got everything for a good training. More over my body fights against a virus in the last couple of days. Fortunately I could sleep well and I recovered a bit from this crisis. After I woke up I realised that todays shower is going to be really early. I agreed for a mtb ride with my buddy. I am sure I would have started the ride alone. And I should maintain my endurance to be able to compete on next  weekend (bike race day). 

Free golf course to get a taste

I applied for a golf course at the beginning of the week. My boss is a really cool person and he recommended me this club. I like every kind of sport, and I am willing to try out everything  at least once in the lifetime. I like hiking, running, cycling, climbing, table tennis, badminton etc. Golf could be not so hard, could it?

On the short tranining course participated 9 people. Our instructor told us about the hand positions on the putter. He showed it to us. After the preparations we went to a training area, where the grass was really short. Everyone could found a hole for him/herself then the training has begun. Due to the friction of the grass and the slope you should arch the ball. The power is important, because the ball can roll easily. You can hardly hit a ball in a hole even on a flat surface. This is pure experience and routine. After that we changed the putter to a different type and we learned theoretically how to hit the ball far away. Alfredo’s balls were flying in the air, my balls rather only jumped. The technic is pretty fluid and complicated. I think I will apply for a regular course. I wanted to participate on a learning course. Due to the corona the languages courses were cancelled. And the learning centrums are mostly in the city. The train is expensive and timeconsuming. The golfclub is in on the other side of the street, where I work. Moreover I could easily make a charming golf movie.


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