Shopping habits

Most of the time I use bike for shopping tours. It is more green, cheaper, and sometimes even faster way for shopping. You have a limited storage space, so you can not buy every unnecesarry things in the shop. Sometimes it is a pretty good logistic task to organise your backpack. I either use backpack or a specific bikebag which one you can hang on the rack of the bike. Now I only have a road bike, therefore this option is not really possible. Road bike is not the best choice in the urban area. It has definitely advantages: the frame is stiffer, it weighs 6-7 kg less, and I can maintain 25 kph even in civil clothes. The speed is an cruicial factor in the morning, when I cycle to the office. My Citybike was a sausage and a real monster with 16 kg weight. On the other hand the lower sit position, the skinnier tires and the lack of rack do not make this bike efficient in urbanistic area. The SPD pedals make some compromise too. In the long run I would like to change a few things on the bike. To do that, I would need a new training bike.


There is surprisingly big shopping center with more hundred different stores in the other part of Vösendorf. Everyone will find his favorite store here. Gardencenter, Paperstores, Domestic stores, Electronic stores, grocery etc. everything is here. I wanted to buy mosquito net in a domestic store. Unfortunately I have not found one, but you can see the picture up what I got. Assassin’s Creed movie (I personally did not know that such movie does exist, I was even an AC fan earlier), some glue to fix my other net on the window. In the second store I bought myself a pizzacutter bike. In the last couple of month I was not able to make a pizza. I am looking forward to make one in the upcoming days.

I have now an oil splash protect screen too. It was 2,5 € and I think it is worth it when it can protect my skin from the hot oil. It is not a funny thing. I want write an article about the monthly money spending. I made a few articles about this theme in the last years. It is always interesting, because you will see how much money do you need in the life. I am in data-gathering-phase, I will need a couple of months for this article. The rice, the breakfast sandwich and the chanterelle lunch complete the picture.

Last but not least you can find a pretty clever designed candle:

Because I skipped my bike training today, I made a small workout with elastic bands at home. Abdominal/back exercises can promote a better posture. After I finished with my training and I did the chores/prepared myself for the traveling, the day was over.


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