Prologue: I was pretty with bike repair before Christmas. I will be on holiday for two weeks, so I deceided to make a training camp. The winterlike weather is not the best for trainings, but it could have been worse. And I had to burn down many cookies. Cycling is perfect for this. I am not in top form, my body needed a break day after 3 training days.

Location: Dunes of Zala

(Experience) Report: It was everything from summer like weather thourh rain to snow. Strava excerpts can give so some details about it.

Ugly, cold, absolutely bad cycling weather. Last time I gave loctite the bolts of my shoes. They aren’t moving now. However, unpleasant sounds are coming from the rear wheel. I think the lubricant has been washed out.

After a rest day I continued my training. The temperature was okey, but liquid sunshine was pouring down.

I had to wear shorts today. The sun worked hard today. On uphill sections I felt like a powerless steam locomotive . I don’t want to speak about the road quality. My hands were numb. I will habe a better round next day.

Tour at the Lake Balaton – Last year we made the bigger round around the Lake Balaton. We didn’t cycled these sections. 5 degree, wind, where is the weather from yesterday?

Today is a good day for testing the rain pants. My road bike went to the hospital, but I took my old mtb for a ride. Firstly it was muddy then it switched to rainy. After I left the artificial lake I enjoyed every minute of pedal boating.

The shit was frozen in my gut. -1 °C and 40+ kph aren’t recommanded together.


Conclusion/recommendation: If I spend more time at home, I try to make at least one tour in every direction. The road bike with mud guards was a good choice. I could not pedal much in muddy conditions with mtb. I was surprised how dirty my bike was in the end of the training.




Video: –


Bahama & Summer


Next day…


Still life


Lake next to the thermal bath




My ex-mtb


Chilly, but entertaining


Nr Datum Name Time (H:M:S) Distance (km) Altitude (m) Speed (kph)
1 Sa., 25.12.2021 50/1 02:04:37 51,5 156 24,8
2 So., 26.12.2021 <50/2 02:11:44 43,6 323 19,8
3 Mo., 27.12.2021 50/3 02:00:05 48,0 100 24,0
4 Mi., 29.12.2021 50/4 01:55:21 47,9 168 24,9
5 Do., 30.12.2021 50/5 01:58:12 47,6 208 24,2
6 So., 2.1.2022 50/6 02:05:38 48,6 426 23,2
7 Mi., 5.1.2022 Pityergős 01:16:24 20,0 85 15,7
8 Mo., 3.1.2022 Balatoni tekergés 03:27:54 74,7 310 21,6
9 Do., 6.1.2022 Úton a harciszekér 01:17:34 24,5 152 19,0
10 Sa., 8.1.2022 Gellén 01:16:41 27,7 335 21,7
      17:29:33 382,6 2107

Note: You can click on the Nummer, which leads you to the Strava workout page.

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