I workout at home almost for a whole year. Can you guess, why? Rubberbands can´t substitute gym machines, but they can keep you in shape. It has a couple of advantages: you don´t get charged and you don´t have to leave your home. That´s comes handy, especially in cold months.

In the past my cousin made me trainingplan for different musclegroups. I don´t really like whole body workouts. Usually I finish my daily workout routine in 45-60 minutes. I workout at home 3 times a week. An extra legday would be awesome, but the cycling takes my remaining time. Cycling maintains my lower body well. I always do triceps-biceps, chest-shoulder, abdominal-back workouts on the same day.

I found my trainingplan after one year boring, that´s why I made a new one with a couple of new exercises. You can check it out in A3 printfriendly-version:



German .

And my freshly bought item is the massage roll. Hopefully this helps my legs after harder cycling session. It comes from Decathlon 3 in 1: aside of the big roll the package contains a handroll and a ball too. I will use them after the rubberband trainings.

You can find some exercises here: link.

If you want to deepen your knowledge, you can find other rubberband exercises here: link.


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