Past events: after one week of sickness the fever of ultra distance cycling caught me again. I didn´t have any program for the weekend.  I wanted to make something big and meaningful. In the past I started the summer days early in the morning and got back home lately.

The route: Mödling – Wien – Bratislava -Komarno – Štúrovo – Szob (border) – Dunakeszi, thus I went through a lot of smaller villages.

(Experience) Report: I wanted to get up from the bed at 3:50, but my body didn´t. I could get myself ready at around sunrise. The weather was relatively cold, yet I sweated a little in the 16-18 °C. Without any local knowledge and optimal weather, the estimated time of arrival to my friend was pretty optimistic. I found such ways/paths/fields that I was glad to achieve the final destination.

I think the name of the route was Eurovelo 6, but I barely followed it. At the beginning in Austria I had to conquer a couple of sluggish ascents. I even cycled through the Schwechat Airport. In the neighbourhood of Bratislava I found the bikelane. I chose the slowakian site. This was my first time in Slowakia. The bikelane had a really nice view to the Danube. At the beginning the river was almost touchable, but after a while the distance between the river and the bikelane got bigger. This route has a big disadvantage: don´t expect any shadow. I got 3 or 4 meltdowns in the afternoon. My engine overheated, even though I tried to drink appropiate amount of water/salt. I tried to keep up the 30 kph speed, but the wind didn´t really had cool down effect. With packages I think this tempo decent. Near the slowakian/hungarian border I got lost and went down random gravel roads and even over a railroad bridge.


After crossing the border 4-5 blue wells awaited me. I was thankful, because I barely could find any water source till this point. Unfortunately the pavement quality got worse, I decided to use the main road for a while. The routing of the bikelane went crazy in the end. It felt like a roller coaster with up and down sections and a lot of turns. I don´t recommand this with a road bike.

In the end of the tour my whole body was tired. Calf, thigh, buttocks, waist, back, shoulder, breasts, neck, forearms and everything else. I got around Lake Balaton from Veszprem in 15 hours with a 16 kg mtb a couple of years ago. That´s why I thought, I can do this with this ligher and faster bike too. I had a bag full of food, and I used up 90% of it.

Recommendation: The tour is long, but achievable. I do not recommand the slowak site in heat. In strong wind the opposite direction would be problematic.

Video: Video will be available.


300 km



Netto: 12 h

Brutto: 16 h


Durchschnitt: 25,4 kp/h

Max: 44,3 kp/h


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